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Cool Atlanta,   I love discovering what she has hidden under her trees.

For such a hot city its pretty cool in Atlanta. The people are stlying, the music is pumping and the vibe is get there fast and then chill out. After 6 months here I feel I finally got the pulse. Charlie and I aren't really cool enough for Atlanta but they forgive us.

The people of Atlanta work hard for what they have and enjoy a good time. The car show everyday is fun. I just passed a new Maserati on the way to buy dog food at Tractor Supply in my unassuming neighborhood of Lithia Springs.

Getting "in the know" of where to shop, shortcuts to avoid traffic and cheap eats will make your time here more pleasurable. Also, you are going to want central AC because that southern afternoon sun is no joke. Get up and out to explore in the mornings or hit the sunset crowds. Many of the locals are transplants themselves but it doesn't mean they don't have a wealth of knowledge on their adopted city.

Charlie and I were invited to attend a Baptist church for service. If you have the opportunity please have the courage to go to a Baptist church service. They seated us in an auditorium type of setting in the front row visible to the whole congregation. The pastor had two of his very own large body guards. The music and singing were incredible. This is high energy worshiping and we were all in. We are practicing Catholics and don't mind some good Jesus shout outs. We know all about evangelization. I think it lasted two hours and we were jumping and singing for a good hour. What a good time. The Catholics could learn something about making your time in church fun and engaging. We were very welcomed. Getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing the different cultures that even exist in our own country is a fantastic way to understand an area. We have found attending the locals places of worship has always been a worthwhile experience. This is how we learn to understand each other.

Atlanta has a any town U.S.A. and a beat all its own at the same time.

I love discovering what she has hidden under her trees. More on her drawers to follow.

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