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It's a Pennsylvania thing. Oak Grove Campground Hatfield, PA

Oak Grove Park and Sales Inc, Hatfield PA.

What a deal. This RV park was truly our home for about two wonderful school years while my husband was a Graduate Assistant at Villanova University. We were so grateful to land our brand new fifth-wheel trailer at this clean comfortable family run park 30 minutes from the school for $400 a month. Our spot had a concrete pad and wonderful tree coverage.

The grove park was run by a efficient and kind third generation family. It was the cleanest park I have ever stayed at. The grounds and buildings were old 50's style and at first glance you might think it was run down until you looked closer. This family kept such good care of their park that they haven't needed to replace much and allowing them to keep their prices low. Bill the original owner was in his 80's and still got on his tractor everyday. He was a relentless boss and his younger staff couldn't keep up with him.

Bill from Oak Grove Hatfield PA

Oak Grove is home to many local senior citizens, mostly veterans. Who need a clean, safe , and affordable housing. It even has a spotless salt water pool! It made you feel like you where in the country and staying with family. I would walk out back and watch the horses and goat while chit chatting with my neighbors.

oak grove

This RV park was a saving grace because there really wasn't any other park that was commutable to school. Villanova University was located in the richest neighborhood in Philadelphia, Bryan Mawr. Which was also rated one of the most expensive in our country. I knew we were in trouble when we spotted a Ferrari dealership down the street from Villanova. The rentals in the area would have run us well over $1400 a month and we were so happy to put that money into our truck and trailer instead.

The family that owns the park work tirelessly. It's a Pennsylvania thing. My husband is a neat freak himself and this park really allowed him to focus on studying rather then fidgeting with his surroundings. We were lying in bed watching the crew shovel the snow right to our trailer door. As homeowners from Buffalo, NY this was luxury. We spent years of getting up at 5am in the morning to clear our side walk of snow for the children headed to school.

The website doesn't do this park justice and would be a wonderful stop for anyone traveling through Pennsylvania. They don't advertise much and they don't need to. The access to the history of Philadelphia alone is worth $40.00 a night.

Thank you Oak Grove for the hospitality.

Oak Grove Park & Sales

Mobile home park in the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Address: 2985 Cowpath Rd, Hatfield, PA 19440

Phone: (215) 723-2007

warning Do not make the mistake of pulling up next to the truck full of pigs. They are headed to smelly Hatfield processing plant for slaughter and they know it. The sound of hundreds of squalling pigs haunts me today.

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