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Shop local, local, local

Wherever I live and wherever I go I try to shop local as much as possible. It is patriotic and the right thing to do. Really why give any money to corporations when you can support a local citizen?

My favorite item to buy local is honey. Not only does it taste better raw & pure but it helps with allergies from the local pollen. My local raw pure honey generally costs more then processed commercial honey but the health benefits are no joke. I was able to get my husband to stop using sugar, a inflammatory, and replaced it with honey. I also bake bread and really anything else with it. I try to get a better deal from a local source by negotiating a bulk rate because it never goes bad. Ever. Domesday-survivor people stock up on a barrell of honey next to your medical supplies and ammo.

I do have a passion for honey and it is something I would like to harvest myself someday. I really enjoy talking to beekeepers about their honey. I see finding local honey a treasure hunt and it takes me to interesting places.

My Atlanta supplier may not take me to an interesting farm but its really good stuff. This is what I purchase directly from Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm warehouse. This a nice mixture of flavors and a awesome deal. 3lb Local Wildflower Honey, 3lb Summer Berry Honey, 3lb Clover Honey, and 3lb Orange Blossom Honey $59.99 and you may order online and have it shipped. I do encourage you try your local honey but if you can't find it in your area try Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm out.

Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm


Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM








Phone: (770) 310-3733

Sweetwater Creek Honey

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