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South Beach: "The Real" Swank

South Beach: “The Real” Swank. Many try to imitate it, package it and sell it, but authentic swank is hard to come by. South Beach drips in swanky. The tasteful collages of landscape, the "by the way" high-end eateries, the posh cars, lively people and for me - the art deco collection of buildings to get lost in exploring. It is an art snob's paradise with clean lines and young beauty everywhere. It is also the type of neighborhood that a 300 lb woman is comfortable and looks fabulous walking around in a string bikini and a thong. I love it! I could walk this neighborhood for a year and not get bored and of course, all this is set adjacent to a beautiful beach. Start at The Bass Museum and follow the tunes in your head. This is a neighborhood you want to put down your phone and discover it first in person. A real "explore for yourself" town. It is one of the true joys of my lifestyle, that allows me to be back soon with a better camera.

Fabulous Neighborhood to the ocean

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