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Secret Woods Nature Center of the past in a Concrete City

In the middle of a very concreate hub for cruises, yachts and freeways sits a little green piece of yesteryears. The Secret Woods Nature Center is hiding for you to find it. This patch of forest has lush dense trees and vegetation and is literally crawling with wildlife. Squealing here is appropriate as the ground actually moves as you pass by. Crabs of all sizes are scurrying for cover and ducking into their holes as your presence is acknowledged. Remember, the bigger the hole the bigger the crab. It’s better than a fright night on Halloween. You don’t know what’s lurking in the jungle. Visit the center and imagine living in these trees 150 years ago. This is a perfect little respite for a cruise ship vacationer in desperate need of some nature. It is also free which gives your overdrawn vacation budget a brake for an afternoon.

Wonderfully clean airconditioned bathrooms, filtered cold water fountain, free admission, free parking, and really cool wildlife, trees and vegetation gives this place a highrating from me. Enjoy your little green adventure.

Secret Woods Nature Center

Park in Dania Beach, Florida

Urban wilderness area including butterfly garden, reptile habitat & nature trails on 57 acres.

Address: 2701 W State Rd 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Hours: call for hours

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