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Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL BOA Free weekend

The Norton Museum of Art was such a treat and we were amazed at all the artwork packed into its calm cool walls. I was thrilled to see this Museum on the Bank of America Program, Museums on US. Free is always good. We were laughing at the rooms that seemed to get better and better as we were walking through the elusive space. It was pleasant to discover some of my favorite artists. We got to cool down and hang out with Renior, Picasso, Monet, O'Keeffe, and Norman Rockwell on a muggy rainey Florida summer day. Many rooms represented individuals private collection. It was almost a race of competitive art collecting. This neighborhood was one of the richest in our country and these walls can attest to that. Please take advantage of the free museums.

Okay how miraculous is this Monet.

Claude Monet, Norton Museum of Art

then look at it from across the room.

and then go back......

Claude Monet, Norton Museum of Art

It changed didn't it? It's the same picture it just gives you a different perspective of the light. That's the crazy I'm talking about. You see it differently the second time. My art appreciation 101 from college is paying off.

I could just do that for an hour.

This is a stunning Pablo Picasso painting that he did when he was 19. It was worth coming here to see this painting alone. The scratchy rough lines on the table blend so well into her skirt and it looks like it is supporting all three literally and figureativy with a few thin lines. Once again crazy.

Then the Georgia O'Keeffe masterpieces start popping out at me everywhere.

Georgia O'keeffe, Norton Museum of Art

When I was in Sante Fe, New Mexico I wanted to see the Georgia O' Keeffe Museum but it was closed for remodeling. I was so sad because Santa Fe is one of those hard to get to places and I haven't been back. These paintings are just fuelling me up for a New Mexico road trip. The bones are haunting. New Mexico's landscape is God's art and Georgia O'Keeffe is a magnificent tour guide.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Norton Museum of Art

The Norton Museum of Art is having a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit starting November 22. I will be back for that. It should be interesting to see the difference of the Gallery from "off " season to "on" season for West Palm Beach. I doubt I'll get such great free parking but the first weekend of December I'll be here!

Then you turn the corner and look up and BAM!

Please come and see this wonderful Museum. If you are short for cash and don't have a Bank of America Credit card or banking account for the Museums on Us program. The Norton Art Museum presents Art After Dark per their website it offers an "eclectic array of programs that changes every week! View an exhibition, attend a talk, participate in an art activity, enjoy a performance, concert, or film, sip, and dine or sip cocktails in the Museum’s elegant new bar and restaurant. Free Fridays after dark. The first Friday of the month between 5-10pm is free. "

And now the lovely ladies of The Norton Museum of Art....

I mean really Lil' Kim is even here.

And end with spectacular.....

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