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19 of Julie's "Must-Haves" living in a RV

19 Must haves living in a RV

19 of Julie's Favorite things for living in a RV

  1. My real Queen mattress

  2. My Le Creuslett it fits in the small oven and I can use on the top burners. The cover acts as a cover for multiple pans. I use it for cooking splatter free bacon to roasting a small turkey, sauces, soups. It can transfer from top of stove to the oven.

  3. My Dyson Vacuum. It's lightweight and powerful no cords.

  4. Soda stream machine

  5. Good coffee maker and Yeti cup

  6. Extra lights cordless $2.99 at Ikea

  7. My Portable icemaker!!! Yes a necessity. Life without ice is not nice. & cup to keep cold.

  8. My Yeti bag cooler for getting groceries from far away home. The strap makes it not heavy and I can carry on my shoulder.

  9. Cast Iron skillet bought 10 years ago for $14.00 at a Walmart. I cook everything in it.

  10. One really good knife that I take to get sharpened

  11. plastic cutting board

  12. My shopping “picnic” basket environmentally friendly and it never breaks

  13. collapsible colander

  14. Fans

  15. Vinegar for cleaning

  16. Diluted bleach squirt bottle for really bad germs.

  17. Collapsible laundry basket

  18. Headlamps for emergencies

  19. Fluffy white towels

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