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Museums on us Bank of America FREE Museums this weekend

Museum weekend

I am a former Bank of America employee and one of the benefits of being a customer (not employee) but customer of BOA is they have The Museums on Us program. You do have to be a Bank of America customer, but it includes credit card holders too. This program is fantastic, and we have used it in countless states. Every first weekend of the month you can go to one of the many Museums for free!!!!! Just show you credit card or debt card and the card holder gets free admission. We have been to museums like to The MET in New York City, Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta and Perez Art Gallery in Miami all for free. As soon as we move to a new location, I always check out the free things to do first before we spend our money on activities. We often find free activities are just as good and often better then paying for entertainment.

This weekend we are going to hit up 2 Museums on Us in West Palm Beach, Florida. Make sure you check the details. On this site before you go.

Some restrictions apply like one of the Museums I am going to this weekend is only available on Sundays. Also, I usually call and make sure they are honoring the program before I show up and that way, I can ask them for the cheapest parking around. I think it supposed to rain this weekend perfect Museum Day.

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