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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Travel?

I'm a travel nut. Whilst on a trip, if I like the area, I end up planning three other excursions and I always like to leave one adventure for the future. Our recent trip to The Blue Ridge Parkway has made me realize this area cannot be conquered in a "fly-by" and I'm going to have to slow down and immerse myself in the mountains. There is just too much history, American culture and incredible nature to ingest. I also want to include the Skyline Drive, north of the parkway and all the towns surrounding the ons and offs for the Parkways. This trip, for me isn't even a want to but I kinda have to do it. That's the travel problem for some of us travelers. I am not selling an article or doing it to blog, I just started blogging. We must explore. It is almost never ending.

In every society there are people with a exploration nature in them. Or frankly we wouldn't be here. I do think travelers aren't wired the same as non-travelers. If you are reading this article you most likely are a crazy travel person or one of my friends and family who think I'm a little off - embrace it and just try to balance it out. You are not alone. There is a whole community of travelers out there. I am actually surprised at how many people in the United States that do not travel much. I think the statistic is 15% of United States citizens even have a passport. One of our forefathers and foremothers got on a boat. Willing or unwilling exploration happened.

I plan multiple trips and try to figure out how to accomplish them. My biggest obstacle is the time-money ratio. When I am working fulltime I have money but no time. When we are in a relocation period we don't have extra money for extra travel. I always end up even and I don't think I would change this lifestyle. Anyone can travel with gobs of money! What is the fun in that?

We have found that by living in our vacations we can see almost all of an area leaving one thing for the future of course. Or the high end travel experience I can't afford but would do.

So is there such a thing as too much travel?

For me, my saturation point is one month of continual travel and one year living somewhere. Continuous travel is exhausting and God bless the people who can do it. I know many road warriors that are in constant motion. This is real work and all those pictures that you see of a person standing on the mountain top took maybe 2-3 weeks of hard travel to achieve. I give my hats off the people like Peter & Rachel who are planning on taking a year to see the world. Yes I would like to do this but with big chunks of settling time. The constant travel for me starts to lose its lackluster after a month. The second I feel like okay another beach sunset or amazing mountain view I know its over for a while. The wide eyed excitement is gone. I want the "normal" lifestyle until I get itchy again.

After almost three years of being full-timers we were so sick of our RV when we landed in Atlanta. I couldn't look at another another park. We rented a very nice 1 bedroom apartment and enjoyed a dishwasher, cable TV (HBO) on a large smart TV, baked in a real oven, and did laundry for days. We love plugging into a local church and community for a spell. We also got Ruby our Border Terrier puppy. Charlie has a really good paying job and now 9 months later we can't wait to breakout again. We even bought furniture and some housewares. Now I have to figure out how to sell all this crap! That's the crazy.

Charlie singing at St. John Vinney, Lithia Springs GA

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