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Evan Penny is a Creepy Genius

Evans Penny's work is so creepy and wonderful I just had to share it with you. It's the weirdo in us that enjoys strange things and I am hooked. Okay dig this, Mr Penny used his own real hair and perfectly placed or should I say "implanted" each strand of wild chest and back hair as well as short stubble like headpieces. Yes crazy artist shout-out. I want to party with this guy....forget about it! Get up to his piece good and close for the real show, the closer you look the more freaked out you are going to be. His sculptures are hanging in the finest museums and are considered masterpieces. When you Google him you will find all the techniques and fancy art terminology to explain his creative genius just go checkout one in person. I won't ever pass up an opportunity to see one of his creations or to meet him in person. So, who knows Evan?

This piece I believe is a self-portrait and is called The Back of Evan #3, 2006. It is displayed at the Knoxville Museum of Art with free admission. How can you go wrong. Call before you go to make sure it is there.

The Knoxville Museum of Art

Address: 1050 Worlds Fair Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37916

Phone: (865) 525-6101

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