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Keewaydin State Park, Great River RV Spots in 1000 Islands NY around $25.00 a night

You can't beat this deal. Bring your RV or Boat for a great deal on The St. Lawrence River right on the edge of Alexandria Bay, NY.

Keewaydin State Park

I like site #15, #17 just a little walk to a great view.

Also #76 has a peak a-boo river view.

This state park doesn't have hookups but it does have easy access to restrooms with showers that are in good shape despite the constant use, not spotless but in good condition.

The River water is too swift for swimming so they over compensate with a very large pool. Great for families who want to have swimming lessons with a gaggle of young lifeguards at attention.

The Boat rentals look like a good deal at $250 a week or $30.00 a half day. The dock spaces are key for a real river experience.

The location is fantastic and allows you to explore the whole region for a fraction of the hotel costs. Alexandria Bay has a castle, a beach if you want a river swim, many tourist shops, restaurants and all the boat tours you could possible want.

Alexandria Bay is a little touristy which is why it is so nice to stay at Keewaydin State Park out of the tourist hub but with a night life if you want it in "the Bay"

Fees from there website

Vehicle Entry

Day Use (Peak) $7

After 4 PM $5 Day Use (NonPeak) $6 After 4 PM $4 Bus Use (Daily) Commercial $75 Non Profit $35 Toll Booth Hours: 5/25 to 9/3: 8AM to 6PM 8AM to 8PM (Saturdays)

Boat Dockage

Fees start at $19.00 for day use and start at $25.00 for Keewaydin's overnight dockage fees.

The slip rate is based on vessel length up to 45 ft, with non-electric slips maxing out at $37.75 and electric slips maxing out at $50.00 per night, plus the applicable weekend and out-of-state surcharges. Please contact the park office with any questions.

Boat Rental

The boat rentals opening date will be determined soon for the 2018 season. 14 foot / 15 HP: Half Day $30 Full Day $50 Week $250 16 foot / 20 HP: Half Day $40 Full Day $75 Week $375



Additional $5/night for non-NYS residents

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