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Ruby Recommends


We used Rover again last weekend and it was perfect. Ruby stayed in a lovely house with a pool and yard in Boca Raton, Florida while we went to The Ritz Carlton, Sarasota. We could have brought her to our hotel for a whooping $150. Instead we only paid $37.00 plus a generous tip. She is a little needy and got to sleep with our our dog sitter. Priceless.

We used to board Ruby this weekend. This was the first weekend we abandoned our dog and yes I cried leaving her. It worked out perfect. We drove up from Atlanta with her and left her at Granny B's house in Maryville, TN so we could spend the weekend in Knoxville, TN. She had a nice yard with chicken wire fencing, needed for my booger who can escape everything. She also had other dogs to bug, I mean play with. Ruby loves children and Granny B had her niece over to play with her. I hope Granny B isn't as tired as Ruby this Monday morning. I think I should have tipped her more.

Thank You Granny B

For two night it only cost $39. plus a tip because I used the Zak George's YouTube discount for $25.00 off. The cost of bringing her in the hotel room would have been $75.00 and not very relaxing watching a puppy ransack a hotel room like a rock star.

Granny B sent a photo of her during her stay which was thoughtful.

I was glad to test try this service because we travel a lot and it will be very helpful in the future. works for me.

Happy Dog

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