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Hyatt Knoxville, TN free, Puppy boarding $39. Operation weekender

When someone offers you two nights free at a Hyatt in Knoxville, TN you take it and say thank you. The wonderful thing about travelling and meeting people all over the country and really the world is that people are generous and hospitable. In our 30's we would have said no thank you. Our pride would have gotten in the way. The gift was too generous and there was no way to repay it. Our friends in Tenneesee have massive points for Hyatt that they will never use (I can't imagine) and offered to put us up for the weekend if we came to visit. Charlie really misses his Tenneesee buddies. We are reminded that not everyone likes to travel, and people enjoy meeting people that do. The wonderful people of Tennessee kind of got a kick out of us Upstate New Yorkers.

The Hyatt Knoxville allows pets for a $75.00 charge. A little too steep also it’s not very relaxing try to keep a Border Terrier Puppy from ransacking a nice hotel room. So, we are jailing Ruby for the weekend. We decided to try Ruby is going on the 3 ½ hr. road trip with us to give her that experience. She will be staying at Granny B’s house in Maryville TN, a neat city right outside Knoxville. I was able to score a $25.00 off from Zak George the puppy trainer on YouTube so the cost to us is only $39.00. Granny B has a yard and other dogs to play with Ruby.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I am having a little separation anxiety about leaving her I don't think she will care.


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