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Savannah, GA with a SCAD student

"...and to the left you can see the elusive SCAD student in their natural habitat," was heard out of an open air trolley barreling down the road. We have arrived in Savannah, GA and are waiting outside of me nephew's dorm. I start to get a little Disney World type of excitement. We are in a special place.

Savannah is one of the United States' little treats. It hasn't been destroyed by war, neon signs or strip malls. What a unique city! The look of the city is completely different from any other city I have ever been to. I am very grateful that General Sherman did not have the heart to burn this beautiful city down.

Charlie and I were headed to Fort Lauderdale and were thrilled to stop to see my nephew who goes to SCAD and take him to lunch. Savannah College of Art and Design is a quirky college whose campus is this artistic city. The students get to work and play in this inspiring environment - no wonder they are so successful. Savannah makes you feel like you stepped foot on a movie set. The moss on the trees are dramatic and demand reflection. The air is heavy and earthy. Everywhere you turn it is literally living in art. Squirt fountains, clopping horse drawn carriages, and tasteful architecture with generous gardens.

I am so proud of my nephew Ted. He is the first of my family to leave NY to go to school. The big adventurer that I am, I only went and hour from home away to college. Touring the city with a SCAD student was wonderful and I suggest you do something in SCAD if you go to Savannah. The SCAD student is the young blood of this city that keeps its vibrancy. They have a Museum, performances, a super cool book store, and a walkable campus. Lucky us we had our very own elusive SCAD student for a personal tour guide. We found the most amazing cemetery that I could hang out in all day. I love it when the city itself is the museum and of course it's free to walk around. Every ten feet is another interesting story in history and Charlie reads every plaque. "Sorry Ted its going to be a while." We definitely got our history on. I am practically giddy when we find an old cottagey book store furnished with character, a tea shop and cats. My dream is to open a travel book store also furnished with character, a coffee shop and a dog. Hunger sets in and our guide chooses a South African sandwich shop called Zunzi. Of course there is a long line snaking out of its door. No worries its great for people watching and a large crowd out the door is a good sign.

Zunzi Savannah GA.

I had the Godfather and it was very tasty. Late lunch done, it was time to go.

We sadly had to get going we already choose to stay over hitting St Augustine, FL. This city went on the "must spend more time here" list and "I wouldn't mind living here" for a while list too.

When my sister told me she was coming down for a long weekend, I told her I was in. More Savannah to come.

E Shaver Booksellers

Address: 326 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401


Open ⋅ Closes 7PM








Phone: (912) 234-7257

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