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We work too much in this country

We work too much in this country. Right now, my husband is working 70 hours a week and it is very stressful. The unrealistic schedules corporate America places on “salary” positions are ridiculous. I know I must brake him free because after 5 months he is already burnt out. Which drives me crazy because we signed a 9 month lease thank goodness I was smart enough not to sign a 12 month lease. The companies sit around scratching their heads of why people won’t stay but don't really ask. At his level he must change jobs to get a break. The good news is that we are so mobile and by moving in this current economy we can make more money, try to find a reasonable work week and live somewhere we haven’t yet. Some of this overworking behavior is self-inflicted. My husband is an old school work horse. There is no one who has worked with him that wouldn’t hire him again. He stays until the job is done and perfect. Corporations love him but they take advantage of him.

I am putting this on our travel website because this is who we are and our struggle. Balance has always been and problem for both of us.

But lets talk about the raw deal. Travel opens up the world to us. Our European friends could not believe the work hours we have. We went to dinner with a lovely couple from Barcelonia. Elizabet broke down her work day for me. She would get in around 10 am and then go to breakfast for 35 minutes, then lunch break around 12:30pm and return around 3pm and work until around 7-8pm depending. This schedule is considered full time.

she also has 2 months vacation and around 15 holidays. I am not sayin that the US should go this extreme. But why can't we have a month vacation for unplugged exploration and a reasonable work week. A 50 hour work week sounds like heaven for my husband. This is why our younger generation is rebelling against the work. I don't blame them. The only ones that will take the crappy jobs are the ones who has thousands of dollars in student loan debt. It is modern day serfdom.

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