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Blog and Tweet today

I’m late to the travel blogging and Twitter party. I had prejudice towards Twitter. Not wanting to give a platform to certain people who are on Twitter but I was missing out. The ideas, the inspiration and motivation. I am not sure why I haven’t blogged either. Most of my family and lifelong friends do not travel much. Its not their priority. So, the blog wouldn’t be for them. Their eyes start to glaze over as I try to explain one more amazing place with the best food and friendly people that they will never in a million years go to. Travelers travel. I have always loved the people who I meet on the road. There is something similar and off about us. Content will not be a problem for me. I have over 30 years of travel experience to share and I love the way I can document it on this blog and then highlight it on Twitter with the bursts. I feel like when I went from a flip phone to a smart phone. This is going to be fun. Maybe someday Ill make a video for You-Tube. Travel has taught me to keep learning, experiencing and getting away from comfortable so here I go.

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