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June 4, 2018


Farmer's Table Douglasville GA.  I love little local grocery stores. I shop in small local stores as such a possible.  Some prices are a little higher but I feel  my dollars are better spent on my fellow citizens rather than corporations.  This little market is such a pleasure to roam around in. It  has a café for the travelers who don't have a kitchen and want a egg sandwich or a healthy salad  for lunch or breakfast or you can pick up groceries.  If you are in the area I do recommend a visit. 



Very reasonably priced cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, cilantro and seasonal local produce .  The bulk sections has great prices.  I have enjoyed the rolled oats for .69lb and inexpensive wild rice.  The frozen prepared food is quick and easy with each dinner for 4 around $12.00.  I did try their Lasagna and chicken pasta for dinner when my mother was visiting and it was very tasty.  I am eyeing the chicken potpie this summer when cooking becomes unbearable.




My favorite "must have" item in this market is the Frost Family Farm eggs out of Winston, GA. at $4.99 a dozen.  They are a glorious orange yoke.  I hard boiled them and used them for Easter and didn't even have to color them. 







Farmer's Table,

Address: 3670 GA-5, Douglasville, GA 30135








Sunday Closed

Phone: (770) 693-0171

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