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Artist Olga Dorenko is why I Travel

Olga Dorenko is an artist from Uzbekistan in the former Soviet Union. That is what her website states. I haven't actually met her but I did meet some of her work in Asheville, NC. I am haunted by her work but in a good way. I have never wanted a piece of art more. I started rationalizing and figuring out how to pay for it. The Suzi Orman angel in my head belled "you just can't afford it". Never mind the fact that we lived in a RV and had no walls but later in life I might have walls.... I don't even like owning things. What is going on? I love her work. I feel her struggle and glory in them. Its what happens when you are struck by love. Her work brings those emotions to the surface.

Thank you Olga Dorenko for reminding me why I travel. Your art work is beautiful on your website but overwhelms me in person. I have an urge to buy 15 pieces and open a studio just so I can hang out with them, but I move on down the road and write about it with tears in my eyes two years later.

Contact Olga Dorenko at: or by phone at: 828.713.8362

OPEN Wednesday – Saturday 12-5 or by appointments.

Physical Address:

170 Lyman Street, Suit 5 (WAREHOUSE STUDIOS) Asheville NC 28801

Olga Dorenko
A Rapturous Moment Artist Olga Dorenko

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