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The Ruby Adventure

As Charlie and I are staying put for a while in the outskirts of Atlanta, G.A. We decided to embark on a new type of adventure. The cutest puppy you ever wanted to see from Tennessee. Ruby is a Border Terrier and is made for exploring. She was designed on the English-Scottish Border for flushing out foxes in deep holes for hunters on horseback. The breed also had to have the temperment to get along with a gaggle of hounds. She has a amiable personality with some terrier stubbornness. She absolutely loves people especially children. She instinctively stops being bitty for the young admirers. I on the other hand am her favorite chew toy. Charlie and I travel a lot and wanted a fun friend to enjoy the road with she is perfect for it. She should eventaly weigh in around 17 lbs though the vet told me her belly is already on the heavier side. Our new wonderful vet Dr. Jeanette Hobby from Douglasville Oaks Animal Hospital in Douglasville G.A. politely asked" Does she have a good appetite?" She loves to eat and will do anything for a treat. Ms Ruby is 11 weeks old and I believe she has a wheaten coat but I am not completely positive. We have already been on several trails and she is ready for more. When I walk around with her she is a rock star. Come and watch her grow with us.

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