Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL BOA Free weekend

The Norton Museum of Art was such a treat and we were amazed at all the artwork packed into its calm cool walls. I was thrilled to see this Museum on the Bank of America Program, Museums on US. Free is always good. We were laughing at the rooms that seemed to get better and better as we were walking through the elusive space. It was pleasant to discover some of my favorite artists. We got to cool down and hang out with Renior, Picasso, Monet, O'Keeffe, and Norman Rockwell on a muggy rainey Florida summer day. Many rooms represented individuals private collection. It was almost a race of competitive art collecting. This neighborhood was one of the richest in our country and these walls c

Quick Travel Tip Quarters , Yes Please

Quick travel tip always have $20.00 in quarters somewhere in your vehicle. I pick them up deliberately at the bank. This has saved my countless times. Especially exploring cities. The meter parking is always cheaper than the private lots and you will spend 30 minutes looking for change. Also, it’s helpful when you have no cash and that wonderful quirky coffee shop doesn’t take credit cards. Most importantly when you are stuck at a unexpected toll that have no money for. Trust me plan for the unplanned and your life with flow better. Hit the road….

19 of Julie's "Must-Haves" living in a RV

19 Must haves living in a RV My real Queen mattress My Le Creuslett it fits in the small oven and I can use on the top burners. The cover acts as a cover for multiple pans. I use it for cooking splatter free bacon to roasting a small turkey, sauces, soups. It can transfer from top of stove to the oven. My Dyson Vacuum. It's lightweight and powerful no cords. Soda stream machine Good coffee maker and Yeti cup Extra lights cordless $2.99 at Ikea My Portable icemaker!!! Yes a necessity. Life without ice is not nice. & cup to keep cold. My Yeti bag cooler for getting groceries from far away home. The strap makes it not heavy and I can carry on my shoulder. Cast Iron skillet bought 10 ye

Museums on us Bank of America FREE Museums this weekend

I am a former Bank of America employee and one of the benefits of being a customer (not employee) but customer of BOA is they have The Museums on Us program. You do have to be a Bank of America customer, but it includes credit card holders too. This program is fantastic, and we have used it in countless states. Every first weekend of the month you can go to one of the many Museums for free!!!!! Just show you credit card or debt card and the card holder gets free admission. We have been to museums like to The MET in New York City, Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta and Perez Art Gallery in Miami all for free. As soon as we move to a new location, I always check out the free things to do fi


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