The Beeeaches The Beeeaches Deerfield Beach, South Florida

Unfortunately we went back to Deerfield 10/5 and a barge was beached on the sand and terrible amounts of garbage and plastic where floating in the ocean. If this ever happens to you in Southern Florida go find another beach there are so many to choose that are amazing just keep going south and you will hit Lauderdale By The Sea quick. One of the best things about our lifestyle is that we can quickly discover a new beach and be home for dinner and to sleep in our own bed. We love this about living in our new location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We just got on the A1A and found the nicest beach this Saturday. Deerfield Beach has easy parking directly in front of the beach. This gorge

Time Travel to Pennsylvania Dutch country

The summer 2015 we were at Villanova University for Charlie's graduate studies and we had an opportunity to spend it in Pennsylvania Dutch country. I say "opportunity" out of desperation, because I needed to give my 1.5 hr. commute to Delaware a rest. We would have never chosen this spot as a destination. DJ Shady Rest Grove Campground, 2085 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood, PA 17536 - now under "Oma's Family Campground". The sites where dirty, buggy and unlevel. The restrooms very state-parkish. It was a campground in desperate need of a manicure and a good scrubbing (very unPA) despite a few shortcomings, we were so pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness of the area and the wonderful people


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