The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta

My spirit animal is a muppet. So when I heard that there was a museum that was all about puppets I knew I had to go. The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta Georgia was a fun afternoon. Check web for current info The Center for Puppetry Arts, located in Atlanta, is the United States' largest organization dedicated to the art form of puppetry. The center focuses on three areas: performance, education and museum. Address: 1404 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 Tax ID: 58-1275610 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM Founded: 1978 Public transit access: MARTA Arts Center Station Who doesn't love Dr. Teeth or the rolling the Fraggle Rock Dog. I have a childish awe for Jim Henson and to

Knock three times in Knoxville, TN

What a fantastic weekender we spent in Knoxville, TN. Cities in general are great places to checkout in the summer months when everyone else is at the local waterholes and beaches. These smart locals take advantage of their cities uncrowded water fountain at the World's Fair Park downtown Knoxville, TN. With temperatures in the mid-90's it was a wonderful place to cool off and enjoy the squealing of children's joy at being drenched with water with the soothing sounds of water gushing. I could sit there all day. The Hyatt Place in downtown Knoxville was an outstanding location to spend a weekend. I slept very well on their comfy beds and I appreciate their fluffy towels and clean rooms.

Cool Atlanta,   I love discovering what she has hidden under her trees.

For such a hot city its pretty cool in Atlanta. The people are stlying, the music is pumping and the vibe is get there fast and then chill out. After 6 months here I feel I finally got the pulse. Charlie and I aren't really cool enough for Atlanta but they forgive us. The people of Atlanta work hard for what they have and enjoy a good time. The car show everyday is fun. I just passed a new Maserati on the way to buy dog food at Tractor Supply in my unassuming neighborhood of Lithia Springs. Getting "in the know" of where to shop, shortcuts to avoid traffic and cheap eats will make your time here more pleasurable. Also, you are going to want central AC because that southern afternoon sun

Preparing for the 2nd recession

Preparing for the next recession I wish I wasn’t writing this article and things were different in our country. A recession hurts people and our leaders should try to avoid it at all costs. But they don't care and they aren't going to so I am getting myself ready for the next recession. It doesn't make a difference what political party you are if the economy heads towards a recession it is better to start preparing now and if it doesn't happen then you are in stronger financial shape for the future. Ten years ago, I was sitting on a 550 Sq. Ft. Condominium in Long Beach, CA. It was a refurbished development, so all the residents bought together. We watched in a years’ time our condos go

Chattahoochee Bend State Park Georgia RV Camping

There aren't a lot of places to RV close to Atlanta. Chattahoochee Bend State Park is about an hour and half drive to downtown Atlanta and has new level spacious RV spots in a natural setting for only $28.00 a night. The restroom facilities were new and clean. In typical state park fashion the fee includes water and electric and dump station on site. My cell phone didn't work well here. There are plenty of pull through sites to choose from. My favorite site was a back in site #108 which has a lot of privacy. You may reserve site specific on line. For a nice pull through site try #104,#106. This is a great place to avoid the crowds. I went on a holiday weekend and it wasn't sold out

"Drive Baby Drive" on The Blue Ridge Parkway one of The United State's best drives

We love to drive. I prefer to drive over any other mode of transportation. I know it's cliche but I love the freedom of the open road. The Blue Ridge Parkway, other than Big Sur in California, is becoming my favorite US drive. We explored a piece of it when we were in Asheville, NC two years ago and I still can't get enough. We were amazed that we "had" to pull off every five minutes. Each view outdoing each other. The must see Overlooks make for very slow but enjoyable travel. The Blue Ridge Parkway like many of our National Treasures got its funding under Franklin D Roosevelt's vision to preserve our most precious resources for future generations by getting the country moving again i

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Travel?

I'm a travel nut. Whilst on a trip, if I like the area, I end up planning three other excursions and I always like to leave one adventure for the future. Our recent trip to The Blue Ridge Parkway has made me realize this area cannot be conquered in a "fly-by" and I'm going to have to slow down and immerse myself in the mountains. There is just too much history, American culture and incredible nature to ingest. I also want to include the Skyline Drive, north of the parkway and all the towns surrounding the ons and offs for the Parkways. This trip, for me isn't even a want to but I kinda have to do it. That's the travel problem for some of us travelers. I am not selling an article or

What is “Trail Magic” and why does it change your life forever?

I am searching my past scribbles because I know I have written about this subject before. I certainly pondered the concept, even meditated on it. What really is “Trail Magic” and why does it change your life forever? My personal and internal definition of Trail Magic is when another member of any community aids a traveler to make the experience bearable, inclusive, and even enjoyable with no reward expected - just helping and giving to a stranger. Most of the time it is also because they too have experienced generosity from a stranger in a foreign land. The love is passed on. On the Camino, we called it or should I say call it El camino de la vida. Living the life of The Camino. On

Being Chased by a Security Robot

Okay, I wasn't really chased but the security robot did head in our direction when we took a picture and we left quickly. I have been giddy over seeing a security robot that roams The XPO Logistics compound near our church for months now. I am not quite sure why I find this robot so intriguing maybe it reminds me of Diana Prince's little robot friend and I always wanted one. The one thing I do know is the age of the robot is coming and many jobs are going to be illuminated so I am focusing on jobs that a robot can't do. Are these robots common place now? Or am I just lucky to catch this elicit security robot?

Evan Penny is a Creepy Genius

Evans Penny's work is so creepy and wonderful I just had to share it with you. It's the weirdo in us that enjoys strange things and I am hooked. Okay dig this, Mr Penny used his own real hair and perfectly placed or should I say "implanted" each strand of wild chest and back hair as well as short stubble like headpieces. Yes crazy artist shout-out. I want to party with this guy....forget about it! Get up to his piece good and close for the real show, the closer you look the more freaked out you are going to be. His sculptures are hanging in the finest museums and are considered masterpieces. When you Google him you will find all the techniques and fancy art terminology to explain h

This Ain't a Lexus Ad but I love this car for travel

I have to give a shout out to Charlie for this car. I have the 2014 Lexus Sport CT200h and I love it for travel. My husband talked me out of the Prius C and I couldn't be happier. The lumbar seat is wonderful on long rides and the ride is so enjoyable and quiet. The real savings is the gas mileage. I am getting between 40-43 miles per gallon. Happy "luxury" travels on a $20 tank of gas. Charlie is very good at pairing cars with owners. If you are looking for a new car send your profile and Charlie will match a car to you. No we don't get paid for such nonsense it's just fun. Have wheels will travel should be my hashtag now.


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