Thank You River Yoga, Clayton NY

About 20 years ago I started going River Yoga. I dragged my gym teacher mother to her first class and now she teaches it. Year after year more people would come and now it has its own life. Liz Price Kellogg was our only instructor those days and we basically had private instruction. We would do our Yoga class everywhere and anywhere. With a handful of students we would practice at The Opera House in Clayton, Clayton Yacht Club, French bay marina, Antique Boat Museum Clayton My personal favorite), Thousand Island Park Pavilion or wherever we could. Yoga's popularity continued to grow and finally Liz has her own studio and it is FABULOUS and busy. I am happy to see you have to get to

I Love Old Grocery Stores, Very Americana

I absolutely love old grocery stores. Crazy, but it is very calming for me to shop here. I can’t find everything I need but I do try to get something. I have been coming to the Big M in Alexandria Bay for 30 years and I don’t think it has changed one bit. It’s like looking at a piece of Americana history. I feel these stores are an endangers species are about to be extinct and I need to document them before they go.

Keewaydin State Park, Great River RV Spots in 1000 Islands NY around $25.00 a night

You can't beat this deal. Bring your RV or Boat for a great deal on The St. Lawrence River right on the edge of Alexandria Bay, NY. I like site #15, #17 just a little walk to a great view. Also #76 has a peak a-boo river view. This state park doesn't have hookups but it does have easy access to restrooms with showers that are in good shape despite the constant use, not spotless but in good condition. The River water is too swift for swimming so they over compensate with a very large pool. Great for families who want to have swimming lessons with a gaggle of young lifeguards at attention. The Boat rentals look like a good deal at $250 a week or $30.00 a half day. The dock spaces are key f

We Are Getting Fancy Harbor Hotel, Clayton NY 1000 Islands

My family has been coming to 1000 Islands since the 70's and I grew up on the river. This hotel is not like others up here. I love Clayton it was always a sleepy little river town with crazy potential. Businesses after business have come and gone in Clayton but this hotel was developed right and fits the class of this unassuming town. "Hats Off " to The Harbor Hotel's creator because it is fabulous and really brings Clayton to life. The rooms are pricey but looking at it objectively I feel it is a worth it experience. I would choose the Clayton Retreat package if I was new to this area. You can put together your own package and there are plenty of tours to go on but for a easy wonderf

Bella's Clayton NY

I am a local here and Bella's is one of the best places to eat up in 1000 Islands NY and Ruby is welcome on the patio. The homemade bread is delicious and you will want to take home a loaf. The soup has always been a favorite. Great view great food and great service. Absolutely one of my all time favorite places. Bella's Bistro with a river view crafts breakfast, breads & pastries plus light lunches & dinner entrees. Address: 602 Riverside Dr, Clayton, NY 13624 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4PM Tuesday8AM–4PM Wednesday8AM–4PM Thursday8AM–8PM Friday8AM–8PM Saturday8AM–8PM Sunday8AM–8PM Monday8AM–8PM Phone: (315) 686-2341

Shop local local local Omar NY

I have been coming to this stand for years. It is an Amish farmer that has the best fruits and produce. The scenery is picture perfect but I wasn't feeling camera intrusive today. So here is a picture of my bounty and all for uner $10.00.

Surf's up at Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington NC

This beach has some great waves. I was tossed around like a rag doll because I wasn't expecting it. These four foot waves provide local surfers with some serious surf fun. Bring your boogie board and a set of fins. This is a true locals beach and although there are plenty of rentals units available there aren't hotels littering the coastline, yet. This is a wonderful beach vacation away from the tourists. It's still affordable and has all the conveniences of an American suburb on the fringe of the beach community. We have family that live in Wilmington NC so we can take advantage of our locals. They had a boat and took us to an amazing sand bar on a island with beautiful soft sands and ha

Free to Me in Knoxville Tenneesee

We lived outside of Knoxville, TN for 1 year and we didn't even know The Knoxville Museum of Art has free admission and an incredible collection. I really love the southern art. Art museum in Knoxville, Tennessee Address: 1050 Worlds Fair Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37916 Museum Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: 1-5pm

The Tenneesee Theater

The Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN. The beautiful Victorian style movie theater built in 1928 has an array of venues from The Book of Mormon to Yanni playing this July. I didn't get to see the inside of the theater but it looks very dramatic and I would love to see something - I was interested in that beautiful surrounding. The friendly lady behind the counter informed me that every Monday on the first of the month there is a free tour with live entertainment at 12 noon. I won't be here on Monday but if I was I sure would have went. With a array of different venues you are sure to find something of interest. Because in Tenneesee it needs to be said... Sorry about my feet. The Tennessee

Ruby Recommends

Update We used Rover again last weekend and it was perfect. Ruby stayed in a lovely house with a pool and yard in Boca Raton, Florida while we went to The Ritz Carlton, Sarasota. We could have brought her to our hotel for a whooping $150. Instead we only paid $37.00 plus a generous tip. She is a little needy and got to sleep with our our dog sitter. Priceless. We used to board Ruby this weekend. This was the first weekend we abandoned our dog and yes I cried leaving her. It worked out perfect. We drove up from Atlanta with her and left her at Granny B's house in Maryville, TN so we could spend the weekend in Knoxville, TN. She had a nice yard with chicken wire fencing, ne

Hyatt Knoxville, TN free, Puppy boarding $39. Operation weekender

When someone offers you two nights free at a Hyatt in Knoxville, TN you take it and say thank you. The wonderful thing about travelling and meeting people all over the country and really the world is that people are generous and hospitable. In our 30's we would have said no thank you. Our pride would have gotten in the way. The gift was too generous and there was no way to repay it. Our friends in Tenneesee have massive points for Hyatt that they will never use (I can't imagine) and offered to put us up for the weekend if we came to visit. Charlie really misses his Tenneesee buddies. We are reminded that not everyone likes to travel, and people enjoy meeting people that do. The wonder


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