Slowing Down in Small Town Newnan Georgia

I like to explore where people quietly live a small town Americana life. Nothing makes me happier then to see a bustling little town with every shop front occupied and few open parking spaces to slide into. Cute local shops, cafes and restaurants. A town you can walk your puppy around. And get a good cup of coffee at the Leaf and Bean. Directions: Address: 2051, 22 W Ct Square A, Newnan, GA 30263 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM Monday7:30AM–7PM Tuesday7:30AM–7PM Wednesday7:30AM–7PM Thursday7:30AM–7PM Friday7:30AM–9PM Saturday8AM–9PM Sunday9AM–4PM Phone: (770) 683-7290

FREE local Atlanta attractions

Dog River Creek Library and nature trails, Located in the suburbs of Atlanta this place was a score. Not only does it have a wonderful nature trails with brand new bathroom and water fountain for doggies but it is a really nice library. I scored big on this place because it has, on loan, free tickets to local attractions. You can take out a week pass to The Georgia State Park system , renewable online for an additional week. I was also able to go to Center for Puppetry Arts and if you are into it the Atlanta Zoo for up to 4 people for free. Dog River Public Library in Douglas County, Georgia Address: 6100 GA-5, Douglasville, GA 30135Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM. Always free On 5/14/2018

The Hardest Step in The Camino De Santiago … is the first step

A Camino begins at your door step. In the summer of 2016 Charlie and I walked the full Camino del Norte around 825 km in 38 days. Is a Camino calling you? It wasn't something we could ignore. If you understand what this means you might have to walk a Camino. The Camino "talk" starts popping up everywhere. Yes, the trail has a spirt and it is calling you to join. Sounds crazy but you will understand once you have started. Charlie and I are a part of The Camino forever. I am sorry it won't stop nagging you until you do it. My first inclination to walk a Camino was about 15 years ago. It never went away until I did it. Changed everything. Buen Camino “It's a dangerous business, Fr

Ruby aka Booger

This is Ruby the Border Terrier, aka Booger. Her hobbies include foraging for dead worms, searching and destroying toilet paper rolls, pooping five times a day, and crying in the middle of the night. But she is just sooooo cute.....

Savannah, GA with a SCAD student

"...and to the left you can see the elusive SCAD student in their natural habitat," was heard out of an open air trolley barreling down the road. We have arrived in Savannah, GA and are waiting outside of me nephew's dorm. I start to get a little Disney World type of excitement. We are in a special place. Savannah is one of the United States' little treats. It hasn't been destroyed by war, neon signs or strip malls. What a unique city! The look of the city is completely different from any other city I have ever been to. I am very grateful that General Sherman did not have the heart to burn this beautiful city down. Charlie and I were headed to Fort Lauderdale and were thrilled to st

Shop local, local, local

Lexington Food CO-OP Buffalo NY This CO-OP is by far my favorite all time grocery store. There is always something on sale at a very reasonable price. The local apples are fantastic and used to be only .69 cents a lb. Travelers will love the prepared food some of the best in Buffalo. It is what a local grocery store should be. Great fun location. I miss it so. And now a second location LEXINGTON COOPERATIVE MARKET Open daily: 7 am - 11 pm 807 Elmwood Ave, Bflo, NY 14222 • 886-2667 1678 Hertel Ave, Bflo, NY 14216 • 886-0024

Quick RV Meal Thanks Trader Joe's

When we are traveling I always grab two for the road. A quick and easy RV meal. Heats up in 10 minutes on medium . Add cup of frozen peas or fresh broccoli is you want. If you have to have meat frozen chicken meatballs on the side or add in cooked chicken. So easy my husband could cook it, he won't but he could.

Shop local local local

Necessity Farms & Dairy, LLC* Telford, PA. (suburban Philadelphia) When we lived in Hatfield, PA. I would drive the picturesque 25 minutes to this family owned farm once a week. The raw milk yes raw milk alone kept me coming back. It was outstanding! Stepping into the store you will have a fume of butchery wafe over you. Don't let it deter you its how raw meat should smell. The prices were fair for the outstanding products they sold and produced. The meat was excellent the real deal. I loved going there to watch the baby goats. Who doesn't love baby goats! And yes you are going to be eating those chickens. If you are in the area Necessity Farms is worth the trip to see a well run an

It's a Pennsylvania thing. Oak Grove Campground Hatfield, PA

Oak Grove Park and Sales Inc, Hatfield PA. What a deal. This RV park was truly our home for about two wonderful school years while my husband was a Graduate Assistant at Villanova University. We were so grateful to land our brand new fifth-wheel trailer at this clean comfortable family run park 30 minutes from the school for $400 a month. Our spot had a concrete pad and wonderful tree coverage. The grove park was run by a efficient and kind third generation family. It was the cleanest park I have ever stayed at. The grounds and buildings were old 50's style and at first glance you might think it was run down until you looked closer. This family kept such good care of their park that they

We work too much in this country

We work too much in this country. Right now, my husband is working 70 hours a week and it is very stressful. The unrealistic schedules corporate America places on “salary” positions are ridiculous. I know I must brake him free because after 5 months he is already burnt out. Which drives me crazy because we signed a 9 month lease thank goodness I was smart enough not to sign a 12 month lease. The companies sit around scratching their heads of why people won’t stay but don't really ask. At his level he must change jobs to get a break. The good news is that we are so mobile and by moving in this current economy we can make more money, try to find a reasonable work week and live somewhe

Blog and Tweet today

I’m late to the travel blogging and Twitter party. I had prejudice towards Twitter. Not wanting to give a platform to certain people who are on Twitter but I was missing out. The ideas, the inspiration and motivation. I am not sure why I haven’t blogged either. Most of my family and lifelong friends do not travel much. Its not their priority. So, the blog wouldn’t be for them. Their eyes start to glaze over as I try to explain one more amazing place with the best food and friendly people that they will never in a million years go to. Travelers travel. I have always loved the people who I meet on the road. There is something similar and off about us. Content will not be a problem

Get inspired to travel

Tales of A female Nomad, Rita Golden Gelman I just found this author in the travel section of the library . I absolutely love her spirt. She is a pioneer for modern vagrancy. I can't wait to read Female Nomad and Friends .

Shop local, local, local

Farmer's Table Douglasville GA. I love little local grocery stores. I shop in small local stores as such a possible. Some prices are a little higher but I feel my dollars are better spent on my fellow citizens rather than corporations. This little market is such a pleasure to roam around in. It has a café for the travelers who don't have a kitchen and want a egg sandwich or a healthy salad for lunch or breakfast or you can pick up groceries. If you are in the area I do recommend a visit. Very reasonably priced cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, cilantro and seasonal local produce . The bulk sections has great prices. I have enjoyed the rolled oats for .69lb and inexpensive wild rice.

Artist Olga Dorenko is why I Travel

Olga Dorenko is an artist from Uzbekistan in the former Soviet Union. That is what her website states. I haven't actually met her but I did meet some of her work in Asheville, NC. I am haunted by her work but in a good way. I have never wanted a piece of art more. I started rationalizing and figuring out how to pay for it. The Suzi Orman angel in my head belled "you just can't afford it". Never mind the fact that we lived in a RV and had no walls but later in life I might have walls.... I don't even like owning things. What is going on? I love her work. I feel her struggle and glory in them. Its what happens when you are struck by love. Her work brings those emotions to the surface


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