We Live in Our Vacations

I have learned long ago that an average income in The United States and two weeks vacation wasn't going to allow for too many adventures. I have wild fantasy exploration ideas and limited resources. Anyone can travel if they have gobs of money and time and if that's you, congratulations, but the rest of us have to get creative. I think deep down I actually prefer it this way having to be resourceful and scrappy. I am most impressed by the people like Stefan who has travelled the world on very little resources and is still going. We meet Stefan walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Stefan can walk 30 miles in a day and live in a bush. I can not. What I can do is try to live in my vac

Shop local, local, local

Wherever I live and wherever I go I try to shop local as much as possible. It is patriotic and the right thing to do. Really why give any money to corporations when you can support a local citizen? My favorite item to buy local is honey. Not only does it taste better raw & pure but it helps with allergies from the local pollen. My local raw pure honey generally costs more then processed commercial honey but the health benefits are no joke. I was able to get my husband to stop using sugar, a inflammatory, and replaced it with honey. I also bake bread and really anything else with it. I try to get a better deal from a local source by negotiating a bulk rate because it never goes bad. Ev

Best little secret in Tennessee

Toqua Campground in Vonore TN, We visited quite a few campgrounds in the area and this is the one we liked the best. We lived in Vonore TN for a year and loved it. Our first month in Tennessee we stayed at this campground on site 106. The sun rises over the water at this amazing site revealing views of Toqua lake and the mountains. It was worth waking up early every morning for the show. The campground is clean, friendly and full of family seasonal guests with well-kept rigs and an abundance of toys. The price was reasonable for what you got at $780 a month including electrical and water, Wi-Fi. We spent October 2016 here. It does close for the season November 10 . 1315 TN-360,

Ruby loves Atlanta 8 reasons why

1. Oakland Cemetery, Wow what a magnificent city treasure! I took Ruby when the irises where in full bloom - gorgeous flowers everywhere. Doggie's are welcome and there is water available for your friend at the gift shop. The water supply anywhere out of the fancy faucets are a mirage and do not work. Poop bags are provided at the gate entrance. I never did find a bathroom for myself but there are establishments across the street that also look great for a lunch. I found free tree covered street parking to the left of the gate. Oakland Cemetery, 248 Oakland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Always Free 2. Dog River Creek Library and nature trails, Located in the suburbs of Atlanta this pla

The Ruby Adventure

As Charlie and I are staying put for a while in the outskirts of Atlanta, G.A. We decided to embark on a new type of adventure. The cutest puppy you ever wanted to see from Tennessee. Ruby is a Border Terrier and is made for exploring. She was designed on the English-Scottish Border for flushing out foxes in deep holes for hunters on horseback. The breed also had to have the temperment to get along with a gaggle of hounds. She has a amiable personality with some terrier stubbornness. She absolutely loves people especially children. She instinctively stops being bitty for the young admirers. I on the other hand am her favorite chew toy. Charlie and I travel a lot and wanted a fun frien


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